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Get access to my proven method to write your dream Screenplay.

Screenplay Method Writers Club takes you Step-By-Step Through My Proven Process So You Can Write Your Screenplay…

Hi, I’m David Willing

and I help aspiring writers turn their film ideas into compelling Screenplays that producers want to read.

After working as a writer/director for 20 years, and a teacher for 15 years, I discovered three problems:

  • Both aspiring and experienced writers have great ideas but don’t know how to turn them into an engaging Screenplay
  • Writers struggle to find the time to write a script as life is full with work, paying the bills and having a family
  • When they eventually finish their script writers don’t know how to get it into the hands of a producer to get their film made

So I developed and the 1-Step-A-Day Screenplay technique.

With the support of and the 1-Step-A-Day technique, even the busiest person can write a script and realise their dreams. Writers Club is my new online resource to help you bring your Screenplay to life. 

One of the key elements of is the 1-Step-A-Day screenwriting technique. 

The 1-Step-A-Day Screenplay Technique contains my ACTUAL step-by-step process I use to write award winning scripts that producers want to make. In it you will find: Writers Club guides you through the right steps you need to follow to bring your idea to life.

Your not alone! We’ll guide you through the process.

What writers have to say about David

Amy Elizabeth Price
Amy Elizabeth Price
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I am so happy to have worked with David Willing on my first ever foray into screenwriting. The success of My Little Life would never have occurred without his mentoring and teaching. He taught me how to shape my story, provided valuable insight and techniques and most importantly helped me create an award-winning script which led to my film screening at the prestigious SCAD Savannah Film Festival this year. He is a priceless resource!
Tony Lynch
Tony Lynch
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I first worked with David as a student at his film course at CAE in 2010. I found him a very meticulous and patient teacher and within months I was able to get a screen play written using his courses format. David also helped me edit some of my later scripts. Whether you are a beginner or even had stuff published as a pro, I thoroughly recommend David with his extensive teaching and experience in the film and TV business.
Heidi McKinnon
Heidi McKinnon
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Not only was the Screenwriting course both fun and challenging but David’s direct feedback for improving my writing was invaluable. He has a calm and logical method of teaching that connected and inspired me. The course covered a lot of information, delivered in a concise way that was easy to absorb - David had obviously put a lot of thought and expertise into the course design. I can’t speak highly enough of this course! It’s given me excellent practical tools & more confidence to use in my every day writing practice.

Got a Great Idea for a Screenplay?

You’ve got a burning desire to start writing your Screenplay so you dive right in and start writing.

You find it really, really hard. 

Quickly you get lost in the woods. It never gets finished


Frustrated you send your script, that needs a lot of work, to Producers.

Producers read scripts all day and can smell a poor script from a mile away. They barely get 10 pages then throw it in the bin. So, you tweak your draft.

Months go by and it’s not getting any better.

You then do 1 of 2 things. 

You give up on that Screenplay and start writing a new Screenplay that’s destined for the same fate


Tragically give up writing all together without realising your dreams and potential. 

The good news is it’s not your fault – it’s the process. 

In reality you don’t have a method for writing a Screenplay. 

This directionless unplanned just “going for it” approach to writing doesn’t give you a method or technique to analyse and understand the flaws within your Screenplay.

That’s why I created

I wanted to give aspiring writers a proven process to make their Screenplay come to life.

The way to avoid the frustration and sense of lack of direction is you follow the 1-Step-A-Day Screenplay technique.

Writing can also be a very lonely process and sometimes you need someone to bounce ideas off. It’s amazing how a quick conversation with someone with “fresh eyes” can pull you out of that writers block and give you renewed energy to keep going.

At you’ll have the support you need to bring that incredible idea to life.

Imagine that feeling of walking the red carpet for your Screenplay premiere!

3 ways Screenplay Method Writers Club will help you write your Screenplay


Full access to the "1-Step-A-Day" Screenwriting course

Dave teaching reduced


Access to award winning Screenwriter David Willing


Access to our NEW exclusive Facebook writers only Facebook Group

Risk Nothing With Our Easy 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

I understand that this is a significant investment, which is why I offer this guarantee…

I am so sure I can help you write better Screenplays that I offer you a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. 

Here’s how my conditional guarantee works:

  1. Join me for our 30 minute getting started call
  2. Review the first 12 training videos
  3. Complete your logline, research and character development work
  4. Join me for our 1 hour progress call

If at the end of our call you don’t feel our proven step-by-step process can help you I will refund you 100% with no hassle hard feelings.

It can’t be any fairer than that! 

When you join you will get...

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Writers Club

$A 297
  • FULL access to the PROVEN 1-Step-A-Day Screenplay process
  • Access our EXCLUSIVE 'Story Architecture: 45 Elements to Build A Great Screenplay'
  • Access 19 training videos that walk you through the 1-Step-A-Day Screenplay Technique
  • 30 minute "Kick Off" call where we will get to know you, discuss your ideas and answer any questions on the process
  • Start you on your 30 Day Challenge to develop your logline, research films like yours and start your character development
  • 1 Hour call with David to review your logline, research, character development and general progress
  • Access to our NEW exclusive Facebook group
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee


Writers Club

$A 497
  • Everything in Silver PLUS:
  • EXCLUSIVE 2 page Script Coverage report includes:
  • Feedback on a draft of your script
  • Logline: David will write his own version of a logline for your story
  • Story feedback: Strengths of your Screenplay and identify story flaws
  • Act by Act review
  • Technical Screenplay layout feedback
  • What to focus on in your next draft
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