Frequently Asked Questions

You can find out all about Screenplay membership here. Membership is limited so that we can spend quality  time with our members so you may be redirected to a waiting list page. If so, please fill in your details and we will be sure to send you an invitation next time we have a membership intake.

I understand that this is a significant investment, which is why I offer this guarantee…

I am so sure I can help you write better Screenplays that I offer you a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. 

Here’s how my conditional guarantee works:

  1. Join me for our 30 minute getting started call
  2. Review the first 12 training videos
  3. Complete your logline, research and character development work
  4. Join me for our 1 hour progress call

If at the end of our call you don’t feel our proven step-by-step process can help you I will refund you 100% with no hassle hard feelings.

It can’t be any fairer than that! 

Great question. I find the best way to learn about my process is to download my  free blueprint. It’s a great summary of my method and will give you a really good overview. You can download it here

How long is a piece of string! If you follow Screenplay Methods Technique you can go from idea to 1st draft in 12 weeks, however it will often take longer particularly of you take breaks between drafts to gain perspective.

Screenplay method is producing a course titled “Marketing your Screenplay” which will cover getting an agent and everything you need to know. 

Absolutely, several are being written and produced on various aspects of writing and genres. We’ll keep you updated when these trainings become available.

Script coverage is a report analysing your Screenplay that will provide you with feedback on structure, character, formatting, story weaknesses and guidance for the next draft.

Definitely. Screenwriting is a multi draft process and continued feedback along the way is helpful. There may be a charge for this service depending on your membership level.

Unfortunately no. I am not fluent in other languages.

An idea can’t be copyright only the Screenplay which is the execution of the idea. It is very rare that professional readers steal material and I have no interest in doing so as I value my professional reputation as a reader with integrity who can be trusted. I can also guarantee that I won’t show your Screenplay to any third party without your consent.

Absolutely, Part of Screenplay Method’s 1 Step A Day Technique covers the correct industry format for Screenplays as well as the best software to use.

No. Your screenplay and story should stand alone and make sense by itself without additional information. I don’t have time to read through additional support material and want to focus specially on your Screenplay.

10 business days for coverage on Feature Film Screenplay and Pilot Episodes and 5 days for Outlines, Bibles, Short Films.