5 Tips For Writing At Home

It feels like we are in Act 1 of an apocalyptic film! We are being bombarded with classic cinema images of overwhelmed hospitals once bustling cities now deserted medical staff covered head to toe in protective wear panic buying and fights breaking out over of all things TOILET PAPER and …

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oscar nominated screenplays

Oscar Nominated Screenplays You can Learn From

There is no higher profile competition in the film industry than the Oscars and the 5 films nominated for the 2020 Best Original Screenplay all told very different stories. These Screenplays are well worth reading. Reading Screenplays is the best way to improve your skills as a Screenwriter. Reading scripts …

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1917 poster

“1917” Story Elements Breakdown

A screenwriter is a story teller so you need to understand and master the Story Elements to ensure your Screenplays work. These Story Elements are universal, cross cultural and found in all stories whether it’s a Rom Com, Thriller or Horror film. However a finished Screenplay doesn’t automatically contain the …

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4 Reasons To Enter A Screenplay Competition

Is it a good idea to enter your Screenplay into a competition? The answer is yes! But… There is a caveat, which I’ll address in a moment. There are 4 main reasons for entering a Screenplay competition 1. Finishing A Draft Thinkers – Think Talkers – Talk Writers – Write! …

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Three Act Structure Analysis Of Misery And Jaws

Following on from my video ‘Screenplay 3 Act Structure – The 5 Plot Points’ I thought I would breakdown in detail the 3 Act Structure with some film examples. For an an in-depth breakdown and explanation of the 3 Act Structure and the 4-5 Plot Points please watch this video …

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[Three Act Structure] Act 1 breakdown of Ring

In recent posts I demonstrated how Act 1 of the 3 Act structure works for major films like Misery and Apocalypse Now. I’m getting a great response to these posts so I thought I would do it again for one of my favourite horror films “Ring”. But first, some background. …

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[Three Act Structure] Act 1 breakdown of Apocalypse Now

If you’ve read previous posts you’ve heard me talk about the need to master the 3 Act Structure when writing your Screenplay. That’s why I created Story Architecture which is my Act by Act breakdown of the 45 elements your Screenplay needs to fulfil the 3 Act Structure, be engaging, …

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misery screenplay

[Part 1] The 45 Elements of the 3 Act Structure

My students tell me that one of the most powerful components of my 1-Step-A-Day Screenplay course is Step 7 “Story Architecture: 45 Elements To Build A Great Screenplay”. Story Architecture is my technique to analyze, understand and write the 3 Act Structure. It’s an Act by Act breakdown of the …

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50 of the Best Screenplays you MUST read

Reading screenplays is the best way to improve your skills as a screenwriter.  Apart from actual writing, it’s certainly the most fun way. Reading scripts helps you understand correct screenplay formatting, absorb how successful writers express their ideas on the page and how the story flows visually. When you are …

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11 Best Horror Screenplays You Must Read

You like scary movies? You want to write a horror screenplay?   Here is my list of the 11 best horror screenplays you have to read to become a better writer. The Ring Psycho A Quiet Place The Shining Night Of The Living Dead Halloween Nightmare On Elm Street Rosemary’s …

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[Pro Tips] 9 of the Worst Screenwriting Lessons

As Mr Myagui says to Daniel in The Karate Kid “There is no such thing as bad student, only bad teacher!” Obviously he never taught a student that didn’t really want to be there but he does have a point. Bad lessons have a negative effect on students, they can undermine an …

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