Oscar Nominated Screenplays You can Learn From

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oscar nominated screenplays

There is no higher profile competition in the film industry than the Oscars and the 5 films nominated for the 2020 Best Original Screenplay all told very different stories.

These Screenplays are well worth reading.

Reading Screenplays is the best way to improve your skills as a Screenwriter.

Reading scripts helps you understand correct Screenplay formatting, absorb how successful writers express their ideas on the page and how the story flows visually.

Here are the links to the Screenplays for this years Oscar Nominations for Best Original Screenplay.


1917 poster

Written Sam Mendes and Krysty Wilson-Cairns.

This is the first script penned by veteran director Sam Mendes. He co-wrote this unique war Screenplay from several stories his grandfather told him who was a soldier in WW1.

The Screenplay has a great mix of dialogue and long sequences where the story is told visually.

Here is the Screenplay for direct download:  1917 Screenplay.

Knives Out

knives out poster

Written By Rian Johnson.

After angering the hardcore Star Wars fans with his script for The Last Jedi his Screenplay for Knives out was well received by audiences and critics.

A throwback to the classic ‘whodunnit’ murder mysteries like Murder On The Orient Express and Mouse Trap, Johnson’s script is akin to playing a game of Cluedo.  Though not the most original concept, the twists and turns in the story make this a great read.

Here is the Screenplay for direct download: Knives Out

Marriage Story

marriage story poster

Written By Noah Baumbach.

Baumbach, a writer who likes quirky and small relationship stories, based his latest Screenplay on his experience of going through a divorce.

As with many character dramas Marriage Story is heavy on dialogue but rather than explaining the story, it bristles with subtext, giving the great cast plenty to play with.

Here is the Screenplay for direct download: Marriage Story

Once Upon A Time In Hollywood

Once Upon A Time In Hollywood poster

Written By Quentin Tarantino.

Tarantino’s script follows a fictitious famous actor and his stunt double which become the vehicle for depicting the end of the golden era of Hollywood.

Though the Screenplay reworks historical events it’s loosely based on many characters and events including Bruce Lee, Charles Manson and the Sharon Tate murders.

Here is the Screenplay for direct download: [Coming soon]

And the Winner is....


parasite movie poster

Bong Joon-ho and Han Jin-won.

This Korean Screenplay has been a huge hit at the box office and loved by audiences across the world.

The story is a mix of thriller, caper and black comedy and follows the members of a poor family who scheme to become employed by a wealthier family by infiltrating the household by posing as unrelated individuals.

Here is the Screenplay for direct download: Parasite.

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