Want to write a Better Screenplay: 5 more quick tips

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After an extended Australian summer holiday and focusing on writing a new screenplay I am back now in full swing for the new year and have 5 more quick screenwriting tips.

Tip 1:
Your main character must face set backs in the pursuit of their goal for without set backs they are never challenged or fully tested. Create some circumstances where things don’t work out for your main character and they have to come up with a new plan or direction to achieve their goal. This will add conflict and depth to your story!


Tip 2:

The 1st 10 pages of a screenplay are crucial for engaging a readers interest. Read the 1st 10 pages of 10 screenplays and you’ll automatically be better equiped to write a great opening 10 pages of your own screenplay!


Tip 3:

To write a great screenplay you need to be brutal with cutting scenes and characters. If every scene and character you created in your first draft remains in every subsequent draft you aren’t rewriting or editing your work, you’re merely tweaking and tinkering which won’t improve the screenplay.


Tip 4:

Costume defines a character both from an audience perspective and influences the performance an actor gives so always describe your characters costume in a few words.


Tip 5:

Write a 2 page biography for the antagonist in your screenplay. It will make you empathise with them and understand their motivations which in turn will make you write them in a more memorable way

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David Willing

After working as a writer/director for 20 years and a teacher for 15 years I founded Screenplaymethod.com. Using the 1-Step-A-Day Screenplay Technique I help guide aspiring writers to write their dream Screenplay.

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